Ridge Augmentation

Ridge Augmentation in Carlsbad, CA

When a tooth is professionally removed (extracted), an empty socket remains in the portion of the jawbone that surrounds the roots of the tooth. This is called the alveolar ridge bone. In general, as the socket heals, it fills with bone and tissue.

Unfortunately, sometimes the alveolar ridge bone surrounding the socket breaks due to extraction, preventing the empty socket from healing. The result is the deterioration of the socket’s height and width. Thankfully, our dentists near you have a solution to rebuild the alveolar ridge with ridge augmentation in Carlsbad, CA. Our staff at Invictus Modern Dentistry & Facial Aesthetics offers ridge augmentation near you.

Why Do Patients Undergo Ridge Augmentation Procedure?

Ridge augmentation is a dental procedure that is commonly performed after a tooth has been extracted. Our dentists in Carlsbad, CA, will determine if you have suffered bone loss in the empty socket and perform ridge augmentation to recreate the natural contour of your gums and jaw.

In addition to rebuilding the alveolar ridge's height and width for medical purposes, ridge augmentation may be required for patients receiving dental implants or for other aesthetic reasons. There must be enough bone to support and accommodate the implant structure to place dental implants as permanent replacement teeth.

What Is the Procedure for Ridge Augmentation?

During the procedure for ridge augmentation, patients will receive a local anesthetic and sedation if necessary. Our dentists near you will place bone graft material in the tooth socket, ideally once the tooth is extracted in the case of dental implants. Then gum tissue is secured over the socket with dental sutures.

Once the procedure is complete, the socket undergoes healing. To facilitate the healing process, patients should not touch or disturb the surgical site and avoid drinking straws. It’s also essential that patients avoid hot foods, alcohol, and smoking until after their post-operative appointment. Patients may also find it helpful to avoid sleeping or to rest on the side of the surgical site.

Your oral health is important, including proper healing after tooth extraction. For more information about ridge augmentation near you, contact our team at Invictus Modern Dentistry & Facial Aesthetics.