Facial Harmonization

Facial Aesthetics in Carlsbad | Facial Harmonization

What is Facial Harmonization?

Facial harmonization or facial balancing involves the use of dermal fillers and other procedures, such as buccal fat pad removal, to improve your appearance and create harmony between your teeth, lips, and other facial features.

Why Facial Aesthetics?

Beauty is subjective. However, the proportion between your facial features such as the lips, cheek, chin, nose, etc., influences your facial beauty. The main goal of facial aesthetic procedures is to improve the harmony between your facial features and give you a youthful appearance.

Who Is a Candidate for Facial Harmonization?

If you want to enhance your smile and your appearance, facial harmonization in Carlsbad may be right for you. Our friendly staff at Invictus Modern Dentistry and Facial Aesthetics will explain all the benefits of the procedure and determine if it is suitable for you.

Cost of Facial Harmonization or Facial Aesthetics

The cost of facial harmonization depends on the area needing treatment as well as the procedure performed. When you come in for a consultation, our dentist will assess and give you a treatment plan to improve your facial aesthetics.

How to Improve Facial Aesthetics?

Your facial aesthetics can be improved with different cosmetic procedures. These include dermal fillers to smooth lines and wrinkles on your face and fat removal procedures to give you a slimmer face. Other cosmetic surgical procedures can also be done such as cheek implants, chin and jawline augmentation, and rhinoplasty. Talk to our staff at the dental facial aesthetics center to find out more about the options available to you.

How To Achieve Better, Long-Lasting Results?

After any procedure, it is important to follow any post-operative instructions given by our dentist. This will ensure you have the best results that last a very long time. If you are looking to improve your facial aesthetics near you, contact us today.

What Should I Expect with Facial Harmonization or Balancing?

During your consultation with our dentist, we will assess your smile and other facial features, and recommend treatment options that will enhance your aesthetics. Some of these procedures include dermal fillers, bichectomy or buccal fat pad removal, and liposuction. All these advances facial aesthetic procedures will enhance your appearance, which is sure to boost your confidence!

When Will I See Results with Facial Harmonization?

The results depend on the procedure performed. For example, with dermal fillers, the effect may be immediate, while fat removal procedures may need a few weeks of healing. At Invictus Modern Dentistry and Facial Aesthetics we offer various facial aesthetic procedures in Carlsbad to improve your facial harmony.

Facial Harmonization or Facial Aesthetics in Carlsbad

If you are looking to improve your appearance or would simply like to find out more about facial harmonization near you, do not hesitate to contact us. Our friendly staff will ensure you have a relaxing and comfortable experience.