Dentures in Carlsbad, CA

Most patients have heard of dentures, but many don’t know what they actually are. Dentures are created to replace teeth that are missing in a patient’s mouth. They are artificial teeth and gums that are custom fit to your mouth, whether you are missing all your upper and/or lower teeth or just a few. At Invictus Modern Dentistry & Facial Aesthetics, our dentists near you offer dentures in Carlsbad, CA, as a solution to permanent tooth loss.

Partial and Full Dentures

Partial dentures are designed as a tooth replacement method for patients who still have some natural teeth intact in their mouth. These remaining teeth help keep partial dentures from coming out until the patient is ready to remove them. Full dentures are designed for patients who have lost all their natural teeth in either the upper jaw, lower jaw, or both. They adhere to the patient’s gumline until they need to be removed.

Dentures are a valuable technique provided by our dentists in Carlsbad, CA. They improve aesthetics for patients with visible tooth gaps as well as keep the mouth structure intact. In addition, dentures can restore oral functions such as proper chewing and speaking.

Caring for Dentures

It’s important that patients care for their dentures, whether full or partial. They must be removed and cleaned daily as part of effective oral hygiene habits. Patients should use a denture brush and specific denture cleaner rather than a regular toothbrush and toothpaste, which may be too abrasive. In addition, it’s essential for patients to remove either their partial or full dentures before sleeping. This prevents them from becoming damaged or dislodged as well as allows your gum tissue to relax. Dentures should be submerged in warm water so that they don’t dry out or become misshapen.

Tooth loss is common, and this often interferes with daily functioning in addition to causing patients to feel self-conscious. If you are missing some or all of your permanent teeth, dentures are a solution for restoring your oral health, function, and appearance. For more information about dentures near you, contact our team at Invictus Modern Dentistry & Facial Aesthetics.