Dr. Alexander Rahimdel

Dr. Alexander Rahimdel

Dr. Alexander Rahimdel is a premier cosmetic dentist in Carlsbad, California. He is licensed and authorized to work in three continents, including Europe, Asia, and America. His experience in interacting with different cultures in the cosmetic field has given him a unique touch to both function and esthetics in the dental and facial world.

Dr. Alexander prides himself in being a compassionate, gentle, kind, and honest healthcare professional. He believes that success only comes with empathy, compassion, honesty, and doing good for his community.

Using the latest technology in the digital world of same-day dentistry, Dr. Alexander believes that every patient deserves the fastest, most efficient, and superior quality treatment at a reasonable price.

His mission is to use the best material in the market to create the optimal patient treatment and experience that would tailor to each individual's needs.

Dr. Alexanders believes in treating each patient as he would treat his loved ones. Nothing makes him more satisfied as a doctor and a human being than witnessing his patients saving the embarrassment of a smile, increasing their self-confidence, improving their attractiveness, giving themselves better opportunities and first impressions. His goal is to give this feeling to each and every one of his patients.